In Conversation with Shahab Ali: On performance arts and his journey thus far

Shahab Ali, a well-known theatre artist who has played the lead roles in the action adventure Zangoora and the musical Mughal-E-Azam has in the past few years begun to make his mark in the world of camera art as well. With his extremely popular role of Sajid in the first two seasons of Amazon Prime online series The Family Man and the upcoming season 2 of the MX Player series Ek Thi Begum, Shahab has come a long way thus far. Trained at the National School of Drama in New Delhi, Shahab not only has the passion for acting but also the deep knowledge and perspectives on performance arts to back it up. In this conversation he talks about his journey from his humble beginnings to now making his mark in the entertainment industry.

जाने-माने रंगकर्मी शाहब अली जिन्होंने ऐक्शन-ऐडवेंचर ज़ंगूरा और संगीतात्मक नाटक मुगल-ए-आज़म में अपने हुनर का प्रदर्शन किया है, पिछले कुछ सालों में कैमेरा के सामने भी अपनी पहचान बना चुके हैं। अमेज़ोन प्राइम के द फैमिली मैन के पहले दो सीज़न में अपने बेहद लोकप्रिय किरदार साजिद और एम एक्स प्लेयर के एक थी बेगम के दूसरे सीज़न में एक मुख्य किरदार निभाने तक शाहब ने एक लंबा सफर तय किया है। दिल्ली के राष्ट्रीय नाट्य विद्यालय में प्रशिक्षित शाहब को ना सिर्फ अदाकारी का जुनून है पर साथ ही इसके बारे में गहरी जानकारी और सोच भी रखते हैं। इस बातचीत में वह अपने अब तक के सफर के बारे में चर्चा कर रहे हैं।

About the format: The format of this video is an audio interview with some pictures to go along with it. Who among us has not flipped through the glossy pages of a film magazine at leisure or while sitting at the barber shop waiting for our turn. The full page features on actors and film personalities with their full length pictures alongside were a perfect combination. The format of this video is dedicated to that combination as you can look at some carefully curated pictures of Shahab while listening to the interview and you don’t even have to make the effort to flip the page.

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