9th Anniversary Special E-Newsletter

As Opinion Tandoor grows we want to find newer ways to connect with our readers and grow engagement. We have come up with a special E-newsletter that we want to share with our readers. Commemorating 9 years of Opinion Tandoor.in this edition will contain all of the articles and cartoons which have been published on Opinion Tandoor from November 2020 to November 2021. Additionally there will be an article from the archive and an embedded video of the conversation which we had earlier with the talented actor Shahab Ali. All of this in one place to make it easier to appreciate what we have built this past year. In exchange we are asking you to donate Rs 75 to help us grow further so that we can bring in more amazing pieces from some very intelligent contributors. You can pay by clicking on the button below. Once we receive your payment you will get your newsletter in your email inbox within 24 hrs. If you do not receive your issue within this time period please feel free to contact us at opinion.tandoor@gmail.com and we will instantly remedy the situation. Thanks again for supporting us thus far. Hoping for your continued patronage in future.

In this Issue

Caste & History

The Kallumaala Samaram- Why is it denied its significant place in history by Malavika Binny

The Deep Creases of Caste in Indian Cricket by Malavika Binny

Geography & International Politics

A Polar Centric Approach to Understanding the Arctic Climate Crisis vis-à-vis Global Politics and Commerce by Bob Stanley Gardner

Agra Urban Transport

NMA grants NOC to Agra Metro despite threats to monuments by Sumit Chaturvedi

आगरा: शम्शाबाद से बिजली घर तक बहाल हुई महानगर बस सेवा- ओपिनियन तंदूर रिपोर्ट

Art and Culture

In Conversation with Shahab Ali: On performance arts and his journey thus far.

Cartoon Series

Tandoori Opinion 15, 16 & 17


रांगेय राघव का रिपोर्ताज ‘तूफानों के बीच’- बंगाल के अकाल का एक संवेदनशील वरणन अमिता चतुर्वेदी द्वारा