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साहित्य, सिनेमा और अनुरूपण: शेक्सपियर के 'कॉमेडी ऑफ एरर्स' पर आधारित गुलज़ार द्वारा निर्देशित 'अंगूर'

हिंदी सिनेमा का साहित्य से रिश्ता बहुत गहरा तो नही है पर  शेक्सपियर की कहानियों को हिंदी निर्देशकों ने बहुत आज़माया है। हालांकि इनमें से अधिकाँश निर्देशकों ने उनके गंभीर नाटकों को चुना है। गुलज़ार ने शेक्सपियर के हास्य नाटक 'कॉमेडी ऑफ एरर्स' को एक आधुनिक मध्यमवर्गीय सन्दर्भ में अनुरूपण कर 'अंगूर' (१९८२) के रूप में ढाला। किसी प्रसिद्ध नाटककार की लोकप्रिय रचना के संवादों और पटकथा को अनुरूपण में हावी ना होने देना और पर अपने अंदाज़ को कायम रखना एक बेहद कठिन काम है।

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A Bus Delayed is a Bus Denied: Commuters' Testimonies from a Suburban Route in Agra.

JNNURM buses are a regular feature in Agra for almost a decade now yet there is little information about the city bus service, it's routes, frequency, timing, stoppage etc. Opinion Tandoor is trying to bring the readers up to speed on the city bus service and also making sure that people have better, regular and timely access to the city buses. As part of this initiative for the next few weeks perspectives and experiences of bus commuters from Agra as well as statistics of usage of various modes of urban transportation, especially buses will be shared in this post. So to remain updated on buses in Agra keep checking Opinion Tandoor. Following are few of the testimonies of commuters on Shamshabad Road, one of the eight routes in the city where city buses (are supposed to) operate.

आगरा महानगर परिवहन सेवा- मार्ग, बस समय, स्टॉप आदि की जानकारी

आगराशहरमें 2009 सेचलीआरहीजेएनएनयूआरएमकेअंतर्गतसंचालित महानगर परिवहनसेवाकिनमार्गोंपरचलतीहैं, बसेंकितनीदेरकेअंतरालमेंचलतीहैंऔरइनमेंकितनाकिरायाहै, इसकीजानकारीअबतकनियमितरूपसेकिसीएकस्थानपरउपलब्धनहींहैजिसकेकारणशहरवासीअबतकइनबससेवाओंकानाहीपूरीतरहसेलाभउठापारहेहैंऔरनाहीबससेवामेंहोनेवलीअनियमितताओंकाहिसाबरखपारहेहैं। 2011 मेंबनेआगरामथुरासिटीबस ट्रांसपोर्टलिमिटेडकोहालहीमेंइससेवाकासंचालनपूरीतरहसेस्थानांतरिततोकियागयाहैपरअबतकइसकीवेबसाइटपरबससेवासेजुड़ीसभी

Rural Postal Workers on Strike: Ground Report from Agra

All India Gramin Dak Seva Union (AIGDSU) has been observing a nation wide strike since 22nd May 2018 demanding the implementation of the recommendations of the Kamlesh Chandra Commission for rural post workers with regards to their pay scale, appointments, promotions and other working conditions. Before this also they had called for an indefinite strike last year but to no avail as they were promised a resolution from the finance ministry but no further step was taken.

Now they have called for this strike in all rural areas. What is important to note is that 89.69% of post offices are in rural areas where work has been completely stopped including postal and financial services hitting banking services, postal delivery services and payment of MGNREGA etc. While this is causing problems to rural people, the Union says that they are in support of their demands.

There are about 2,60,000 postal workers working in rural areas who deliver posts far and wide to villages and rural areas. In c…

When TV shows went off track

A lot has changed in the world of Hindi television series since the mid-1980s when the first lot including ‘Hum Log’, ‘Buniyad’ etc. began to air on Doordarshan, the state-run broadcasting channel. Television serials were an instant hit in India with people thronging their tv sets across the country to follow the lives, trials and tribulations of their favourite tv show characters. Eventually there were light hearted shows as well along with some comedies, suspense thrillers, horror shows and many other genres.

With time the plotlines, content, subject matter, themes and aesthetics, in other words everything associated with television series has changed including the title track. For tv serial watchers of today, the concept of title track may be alien. Hindi tv shows on most major channels nowadays start one after another with a slender break separating them with a statutory warning in between and nothing more. As one show ends another begins with so little space in between that for…