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मीरा के जीवन पर रंगलोक द्वारा भव्य और समावेशी नृत्य नाटिका


Retracting Tax Exemption for Sports Coaching and Training Facilities Belies Sporting Ambitions of India

With the new Goods and Services Tax regime still taking roots in the country, its effects continue to be felt in different walks of life. The field of sports has also witnessed some upheavals. Concerns have already been expressed by many sports personalities as well as those engaged in sports businesses regarding the heightened costs of sports equipment because of the newly applicable GST rates. Most sporting equipment witnessed a steep rise in price due to the new GST rates including badminton shuttle cocks, tennis balls and many other sporting essentials.
What is more, GST law has also negatively impacted upon private sporting facilities in India.As per the Notification no. 25/2012 of the now defunct service tax which came into effect on the 20th June 2012, the then Central Government of UPA-II had announced exemption under the section 66B of the service tax act to those who were providing services by way of training or coaching in recreational activities related to arts, culture …