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नाट्य अभिव्यक्ति को नए आयाम देती रंगलोक की साहसिक प्रस्तुति- ‘कोर्ट मार्शल’

कलाकेक्षेत्रमेंएकशब्दजिसकाअकसरप्रयोगकियाजाताहै, वहहैपैथोस।कलात्मकअभिव्यक्तियोंकेलिएइसशब्दकाप्रयोगप्रस्तुतिकीऐसीविशेषताकावर्णनकरनेकेलिएहोताहैजिससेकलाकोग्रहणकरनेवालेकेमनकी

A History of the Old City of Agra- Experience of a Heritage Walk

History is tricky. We live through it, making our little impressions upon it, eroding it and yet preserving it in some ways. At the same time, we wish to consume it by observing it, recording it and experiencing it. The two are not mutually exclusive and yet are not completely in congruence. Nevertheless, some people manage to bring the two aspects together in a wonderful synchronisation.
This past Sunday, in the early hours of the morning, a few aficionados of photography, some connoisseurs of art and culture and a few of those who are interested in history assembled in one of the by-lanes of the old Agra city (built and developed during the medieval period, Mughal period to be more precise) for a unique experience of a heritage walk. Led by Tahir Ahmed Qureshi, a filmmaker based in Agra, who also happens to live in this part of the city, the walk was a guided tour of the old Agra city, walled amidst such iconic monuments as the Agra fort and the Jama Masjid.
With little bits of hi…