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Cycling, Monsoon, Photography And A Little Bit of History

As the cool breeze hits you on the face you cycle down a hill, with intermittent rain falling on you and occasionally as you pass from under a tree the very breeze shakes some drops off of the leaves almost flirtatiously on to you. There is no match for cycling in the monsoons and if you are brave enough you will cycle about eight kilometers one way from your home to reach the beautiful Yamuna road in Agra, one side of which is walled by the majestic, huge Agra fort and the other side lies the river Yamuna, which brims, thanks to a good rainfall beyond which lies one of the wonders of the world the Taj Mahal. Yes there are uphill battles but there are also downhill joys. In the end cycling through those glistening, wet roads, breathing in that early morning air is all worth it if you manage to capture your experience in some pictures to share with everyone.

स्मरण प्रेमचंद- 17 संगोष्ठी, आगरा: पत्रकारिता की विरासत और प्रेमचंद

प्रेमचंदकीजयंतीकेउपलक्षमेंउनकीजन्मवर्षगांठ 31 जुलाईकोआरम्भहुएएकमाहतकचलनेवाले, ‘प्रेमचंदकीज़रूरत’ नामक<