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रेख़्ता (उर्दू बोली) को समेट कर पेश कर रही एक अद्भुत साइट- रेख़्ता

पिछलेहीकुछदिनोंमेंफेसबुकपरजातेहीबीच-बीचमेंउर्दूकीकुछबेहतरीनशायरी, गज़लेंदेखनेकोमिलजातीथीं।फिरकुछदिनोंबाददेखातोतस्वीरोंकेसाथएकखूबसूरतशेरलिखाहोताथाजिसमेंअलगसेकिसीएकमुश्किलशब्दकाअर्थहिन्दीऔरअंग्रेज़ीमेंलिखारहताथाजोउसदिनकाखासशब्दयानि ‘वर्डऑफ़दडे’ होताथा।उर्दू

Distilling the muddled-up concepts of Secularism and Communalism

Even with the long running, ‘perceived’ battle between secularism and communalism in the country, the definitions of these concepts are still muddled. One of the reasons is that secularism is a western concept for which Indian discourse is still trying to find its own meaning, definition, application and even justification. Many prominent thinkers and academicians in India have weighed in on the subject.
Besides the academic-intellectual discourse, people in general too still struggle with these definitions in everyday life and often end up struggling with their own self-definitions as secular, communal or plainly religious individuals.