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UN Convention Against Corruption as Litmus Test for Indian Political Establishment

As corruption has taken centre stage in Indian political discourse like never before of late (mainstream and otherwise), a lot of focus has been centred upon the ordeals of common people on the one hand and their commitment to weed out corruption on the other. A few important voices have also raised concern over private and political establishments in the country and the part played by them in adding to or fighting against corruption in India.
Interestingly, before common people became the focal point of the “fight against corruption” this discourse, last mobilised at a shrilling pitch during 2014 elections was largely about political players as well as bureaucracy implicated in corrupt practices, scams and scandals.
The United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) also puts the spotlight on political establishment and bureaucracy as the key domestic factors involved in the issue of corruption. Realising the severity of obstruction that corruption poses in extending the public …

आगरा में 'स्मॉग' 34% लोगों के लिए सबसे घातक: कौन हैं वो?

स्मॉगयानिस्मोक (धुँआ) सेबनाफ़ॉग (कोहरा), आजकलउत्तरमध्यभारतकेप्रमुखशहरोंमेंखतरनाकरूपसेफैलरहाहै।इनशहरोंमेंसेएकआगराशहरभीहै।इसमहीनेकीछ: तारिखकोशहरके